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New tools for a more sustainable dairy sector

Recent advances in the infrared analysis of milk

Standardisation of milk MIR spectra, development of common MIR equations

Implementation of chemometric tools for mid-infrared contaminant screening in practice

Quantification of whey in fluid milk using confocal Raman microscopy and artificial neural network

Application of mid-infrared spectroscopy to enhance bovine milk technological traits in dairy industry

Use of the milk MIR spectra with a lactation stage specific model to predict CH4 emitted by dairy cows

Predicting hard to record body energy traits using a merged phenotypic dataset and mid-infrared spectral analysis of milk samples

Prediction of milk technological traits from mid-infrared spectroscopy analysis of milk in grazing dairy system

Phenotyping new traits using mid-infrared spectroscopy in dairy small ruminants: progress and possibilities in France

Frequently recorded sensor data may correctly provide health status of cows if data is handled carefully and errors are filtered away

Monitoring the risk of ketosis by using mid-infrared spectrometry

Monitoring the pregnancy status of dairy cows using mid-infrared spectra of milk collected from milk recording

Phenotyping cows – new tools by combining MIR-spectra and DHI-data

Link between milk fatty acids and non-esterified fatty acids in the blood and its implication on the diagnosis of negative energy balance

Exploring genetic information captured by milk infrared profiles

Canadian efforts to advance the utilization of milk MIR spectra in the dairy cattle industry

Use of infrared spectroscopy to enhance technological and nutritional quality of milk: genetic components of milk spectra and breeding values estimates

The genetic parameters and heritability of fatty acids in UK national herds predicted using MIR

Genetic parameters for total, direct and indirect levels of tolerance to clinical mastitis in dairy cows under field conditions in Wallonia

Detection and quantification of whey in raw milk by near infrared spectroscopy

Biodiversity of raw milk microbiota using the example of two individual farms

Mid-infrared prediction of beta-hydroxybutyrate, acetone, and citrate contents in milk

Detection of ketosis in dairy cattle by determining infrared milk ketone bodies amount

Direct and indirect losses in milk yield associated with subclinical mammary infections in dairy cows under field conditions in Wallonia

Occurrence of Staphylococcus aureus genotype B in dairy farms and clinical samples in Baden-Württemberg

Correlation between levels of ?-hydroxybutyrate and fatty acids in blood and milk and its impact on ketosis diagnosis in dairy cows

FTIR spectroscopy and genetic selection for improving bovine milk fatty acid composition

Genetic variability of mid-infrared predicted cheese yield in Holstein first-parity cows in Walloon Region of Belgium

Genetic correlations between methane production and milk fatty acid contents of Walloon Holstein cattle throughout the lactation

Genetic and environmental effects on individual wavelengths of bovine milk infrared spectra

Genetic parameters for milk calcium content predicted by mid-infrared spectroscopy in three French dairy cattle breeds

Validation of a new immunoradiometric assay (IRMA) allowing quantification of Pregnancy-Associated Glycoproteins concentrations in bovine milk

On-farm milk composition measurement for cow health and fertility monitoring


Untargeted multivariate characterization of contaminants in powdered milk

Development of a new immunoradiometric assay for Pregnancy-Associated Glycoproteins (IRMA-PAG) allowing pregnancy follow-up in cattle by using milk samples

UPLC®-MS/MS, an analytical tool for the accurate and rapid quantification of phytoestrogen metabolites in milk

Prediction of protein contents of cow milk by mid-infrared spectroscopy: Improvements made through the LC/MS reference method

Using genotypes to construct phenotypes for dairy cattle breeding programs and beyond

Identifying cows with subclinical mastitis by bulk SNP genotyping of tank milk

Conclusions of the Final OptiMIR Scientific and Expert Meeting


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